Bulletin 1 - summarize the main points of the 1st transnational meeting held on 19-20/11/2013 in Athens, Greece

Bulletin 2 - summarize the main points of the 2nd transnational meeting held on 10-11/06/2014 in Bilbao, Spain

Bulletin 3 - summarize the main points of the 3rd transnational meeting held on 27-28/01/2015 in Motta di Livenza, Italy

Bulletin 4 - summarize the main points of the 4th transnational meeting held on 12-13/05/2015 in Budapest, Hungary

Bulletin 5 - summarise the main points of the 5th transnational meeting held on 19-20/10/2015 in Budapest, Hungary

Newsletter 1 - summarize project aims and the main steps

Newsletter 2 - summarize project implementation and the prepeation of Validation Kit

Final brochure


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